Plastic Perfection series

The “Plastic Perfection” series is representational of what the artist feels gay men's culture has ultimately become, or at least a large portion anyway. It is the artist’s reflection and interaction with the culture as a young gay male himself. The white plastic mannequins represent the ideal version of the male body. They are flawlessly sculpted, every muscle is defined, they are the bodies that young gay men will do anything to have. Excessive exercise, starvation, obsessive thoughts of obtaining this perfect manufactured image. The plastic males are adorned with plastic surgeons pen markings. The shells of males on the canvas are still not satisfied with their anatomically correct engineered bodies. They will choose to alter themselves and chase perfection. As most of us do. Those who cannot obtain this ideal are often ostracized and thrown away with in the community. Set in Chanel windows, material perfection will no doubt soon come after physical perfection is achieved.

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Still in production, 2 of 8 are completed.